Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Withdrawal Services Campaign Support

"Gillian Merron MP is the new Minister of State for Public Health (appointed 8th June 2009). In two recent answers to Parliamentary questions she indicated that the Department of Health is about to undertake a review of its policy on addiction to prescription drugs and over the counter medicines, including tranquillisers.

This is an important point in our campaign for tranquilliser withdrawal services. The APPGITA has requested to be directly involved in the review process, and I have asked the Department of Health to listen to the advice of Professor Heather Ashton, Pam Armstrong of CITA and Una Corbett of BAT.

I would like to ask people to write directly to Gillian Merron MP at the Department of Health in support of our campaign, and also to lobby their own MP to write to Gillian Merron.

Jim Dobbin MP"